Miracle story from LAUNCH GoViral19

Hundreds of people stepped through into God's new thing!
See! I am doing a new thing! Do you not perceive it?

Just checking through some of the amazing feedback coming in from this week and thrilled to read this story of something God did after my first talk to kick us off: There are actually three great things this person shared but the first one blew me away!

“A massive thank you for yet another wonderful Launch. It was amazing: One of our team was healed by Jesus as she walked through the door on the first day. God released her from a medical intestinal issue that she’d had for months. She is completely symptom free.”

For the talk I’d had a door made by my friends at Betel, and I challenged people to step through, and as they did to let go – in order to take hold of the New Thing that God wanted to do. I thought a few might respond, many hundreds did!

If you were at LAUNCH I think you’ll agree it was a very special time, if God spoke or did a new thing last week to you too, please comment and share it here.

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