Relational Check List

Can you put some names in these places?

Who fathers/mothers you? Someone older/ wiser.

Who makes you think? Deliberately surround yourself with people smarter than you. 

Who encourages your visions – inspiring you to move beyond the status quo?

Who understands you – and shows you mercy? I know God does, but who can accept me as a sinner and not leave me there but walk with me to the altar for grace?

Who offers you reliable judgement? To sound ideas off

Who comes alongside you – and lightens the load? Team members have different strengths.

Who rebukes you? Who loves you enough to tell you you’re going the wrong way. A good leader invites the ugly truth. 

Who has fun with you? If you need this one explaining, well…

Who inspires you to seek faithfully after God? – when you leave their company, you feel closer to Jesus.