Manchester Firsts.

Just reading the 4 page pull out in todays Manchester Evening News about the Urban Heroes awards ceremony we attended to celebrate the great work of the Message Trust got me feeling great about the city and hopeful for a fantastic future for people like Steph the overall winner and many more. So here’s a quiz. How many of these statements are true about the city I love to live in? Vegetarianism was founded in Manchester Suffragettes were founded in Manchester The TUC was started in Manchester The First Law of Thermodynamics was discovered in Manchester The world’s first Industrial Estate was built in Manchester The first computer was built in Manchester The first canal was made in Manchester The first Railway was in Manchester Rolls Royce started in Manchester The first submarine was made in Manchester The first British aeroplane was designed and flown in Manchester The first Transatlantic flight was from Manchester, by Mancunians The first permanent professional orchestra was in Manchester Top of the Pops started in Manchester Roget’s Thesaurus started in Manchester (bonus point – what’s […]