Wrong about everything

Sometimes I read a book or hear a talk that makes me think just about everything else I’ve ever read or heard about it is wrong. If the subject is something trivial like, say, what’s the best car on the market, or how to bake a souffle – who cares. But when the book is about what you have devoted the greatest part of your adult life to, and which you intend to devote the rest of your life to, that’s either infuriating, exciting, terrifying or shattering. Or all of the above. Yesterday I read a book that nearly did that, I read it in one sitting: Gary Bishop’s book Darkest England and the way back in is phenomenal and very challenging, but left me with some, “Yes but hows” personally. I cried a couple of times reading it, was challenged by the terrible injustices of a nation like Britain where the poor are desperate to hear the gospel but hardly anyone goes with it, while we encourage consumerist Christianity that has a form of religion but denies its power. […]