See the invisible

The invisible man married the invisible woman. They’re fine – but the kids aren’t much to look at. ‘Doctor! Doctor! I think I’m invisible.’ Sorry, I can’t see you right now. If in doubt, start with a lame joke. Or two. Then let me point you to something amazing you have to watch Rowan Atkinson must have seen the unseen, to help others to see it there. I was just listening to a Bill Hybels talk where he admits that people might think he’s all about applying leadership principles and strategies, but he says a huge amount of what he does and has done is (to use his words) ‘very mystical.’ He talks about hearing God’s whisper and going with that. We aren’t very good at focusing on the invisible. We like the seen, the known, the safe. I love the Billy Graham quote you can hear sampled on DC Talk’s Jesus Freak album, on the track – ‘In my mind’s eye.’ Can you see God? You haven’t seen him? I’ve never seen the wind. I see the effects of […]