7 Steps To Create A Missional Culture – Dave Ferguson

Great session from Dave today at the Growing To The Next Level gathering at Kingsgate Church, Peterborough – and I suspect the seven steps below could be adapted for many  things you might want to change in a church, organisation or business  This is not just about having some missional practices (like BELLS or BLESS) – but how do you create and sustain a missional culture? We’re on a journey with that at Community Church, Chicago. We want a Come and See environment (Near) But also Go and Tell. (Far) MC + MP = MM Multiplying Churches plus Missional People = Missional Movement 7 steps to create a missional culture Name it – we are not where we need to be. This cannot stay the same! Brand it – do the hard work of making hard things to do simple to understand. Give the people a clear understanding of the problem, the mission, and clear missional practices. Do it! YOU are the culture creator. You will reproduce who are, and get the culture you deserve. When you can say ‘I am […]

What Season Are You In?

From the window where I’m sitting the season is one of my favourites – autumn, but the people I was with last week would call it fall, and by virtue of the fact that people read the blog from all over the world, I’m not going to assume anything. We often think in terms of what time it is, and plan our lives by the clock or the calendar. I live day to day, plan month to month, and have an awareness of what season I am in, whatever the weather. Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. What season of life are you in right now? You have to discern what season you are in, because you can’t be the same in each of them. I heard a talk years back by Jim Rohn who described these four seasons and though I have forgotten the detail of what he said, I’ve tried to apply the wisdom from it. WINTER – Hang in There! Job 37:6 “He directs the snow to fall […]

How old are you really?

Next year I’m 50. I’m a grandad to three boys. If you’d described someone like that to me when I was a kid I would have thought you didn’t have your own teeth and were on the way to the boneyard. I genuinely don’t feel ‘nearly 50.’ I’ve tried to eat well (thanks Zoe), go to bed every night forgiving everyone and wake up every day knowing I’m forgiven. I have very little stress in my life even though I’m busy because Jesus told me I don’t need to worry about anything. I try to keep fit by exercising hard 5 days a week, I have a day off. None of that necessarily means I’m going to live forever, and quite honestly I don’t want to because to be with Christ is as Paul says ‘Better by far.’ One day I’ll get a whole new body that’s not subject to decay. But right now this one is, and I’m going to look after it as well as I can – so I am going to go next door now and […]

GROWING – How different people change us into different people. Brad Jersak at Ivy Church Didsbury @bradjersak #Bgbg2

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What if you don’t make particular people your target group for your church- but make the Trinity your target group, then God will come, and bring His friends.

SORTED Mag special World Cup edition now available on special offer

The Sorted May-Jun bumper magazine is now available. This special World Cup edition is just perfect for football related outreach, men’s breakfasts, Fathers Day events – in fact anytime you need a non-cringey Gospel friendly resource for blokes. And at just £50 for a box of 40 copies it won’t break the bank either. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Bear Grylls, Kaka, Falcao, Dan Walker and Carl Beech and me – stocks are limited so order before it’s too late.   

See the invisible

The invisible man married the invisible woman. They’re fine – but the kids aren’t much to look at. ‘Doctor! Doctor! I think I’m invisible.’ Sorry, I can’t see you right now. If in doubt, start with a lame joke. Or two. Then let me point you to something amazing you have to watch Rowan Atkinson must have seen the unseen, to help others to see it there. I was just listening to a Bill Hybels talk where he admits that people might think he’s all about applying leadership principles and strategies, but he says a huge amount of what he does and has done is (to use his words) ‘very mystical.’ He talks about hearing God’s whisper and going with that. We aren’t very good at focusing on the invisible. We like the seen, the known, the safe. I love the Billy Graham quote you can hear sampled on DC Talk’s Jesus Freak album, on the track – ‘In my mind’s eye.’ Can you see God? You haven’t seen him? I’ve never seen the wind. I see the effects of […]