Still Small Voice

Get listening
Get listening

I’ve struggled with this.

We’ve been looking at the life of Elijah – go to the church website if you want to download the talks. This was the one I most wrestled with. His dark night of the soul. As he’s wandered into a wilderness place (ever been there?).

God speaks. God is present, glorious, in his word.

Not in howling wind,shattering the mountain. No  – not there.

Not in the earthquake. Not in the fire.

What does this mean? In 1 Kings 19. The King James Version calls it, “A still, small voice…” That’s 17th century English for a breeze. Literally – a calm, tiny (small as a grain of dust), voice.

That’s how God speaks to Elijah, in that internal audible way. Like a thought, an impression that comes..

then blows away again

and you wonder

Was that just me?

You have to get quiet to hear it.

And I’m often too busy, to hurried and harried. My heart’s already full. Full of what leaves me empty so I fill my diary again.

But when I slow down and listen, that little voice always speaks.
Always says pretty much the same thing

To me, anyway…

“I love you, I’m your Father. You’re my child.”

Always the same, always the same. That’s what he always says to me. The little voice of unconditional love.

He calls me ‘Man of God – then he says, ‘I’m your Father, I love you so much. You’re mine.”

It’s all I need to hear. I expect to hear it in eternity.

Thanks, Daddy.

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  1. Hi Anthony.

    I came to the service on sunday evening and I was wondering if you could let me know where you got that poem from that you read at the end? I wanted to share it with a friend. I had a lovely time by the way and your church made me feel very welcome. Thanks.

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