Doug Addison on Prophetic Evangelism

What a great night at Ivy Manchester!
As promised – here are my notes from Doug’s teaching tonight.
The talk will be up on the church website for download in a couple of days.

People say ‘I’m spiritual, not religious’
The world has changed, evangelism hasn’t caught up.
This is an addition to the toolkit: Prophetic Evangelism. 2 scary words!
He’s been PRACTISING this for years.
If we have a good product, with eternal benefits – but people don’t want it, we need a marketing meeting!

We have had good intentions – but that’s not enough.
We have to become missionaries to the UK.
What do missionaries do? Figure out what people already believe. Study the language and the culture – fit the message into where people are. Not changing the message, just changing the way you share it.

Most people are open to Jesus, and to the power of God. We have to come up with ways to connect with people.
Today, if people are spiritual, that’s half way home – cos God is spiritual – and he’s in a good mood! He’s really into loving people.

People say, ‘Do you believe Jesus is the only way?’
(Jn 14;6) – how do they know that verse? Someone else told them – ‘How to get a Christian off your back.’
Because people value choice. They value making choices.
To connect, you don’t major in what they don’t believe; because they’ll shut you out & not listen to the rest.

Look at the context of John 14:6
He’s having a meeting with the insiders group there. Not his preaching message to the world.

There was a time when we just had to draw them back to their Christian memory, in most of our society, there’s no memory of Christianity.

So if they ask, emphasise the WAY: ‘You’re on your own journey, you need to find that out for yourself.’

Not everyone who followed Jesus believed in him.
We need to let people follow.
So when we hear from God (which we should – we got an upgrade a while back – the prophetic is back).

WAY – TRUTH – LIFE = a three step process.
Show them the way, the truth takes care of itself, & we end up leading them to life.

In NT – they were followers of the WAY. Show people the way!
Jesus at a wedding- doesn’t give them a message or a Messiah- gives them what THEY think they need – the wine.
Give them what they need, time, love, service.

Doug found that decisions don’t necessarily make disciples.
Used to be people would make a decision then get an experience. Now people now want an experience and then they make a decision.

Look up the encounters where Jesus & disciples met unbelievers –
Eg Jn 1:47f When Jesus saw Nathaniel coming toward him, he said, “Here is a true descendant of our ancestor Israel. And he isn’t deceitful.” “How do you know me?” Nathanael asked. Jesus answered, “Before Philip called you, I saw you under the fig tree.”
Nathanael said, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God and the King of Israel!”

How do you KNOW me?

2 words of knowledge. It’s not that tough – all he told him was, ‘you’re an honest man.’

Word of knowledge = something about now, that gets impact. Encouragement. Opens people up to the gospel.
Word of wisdom = something that sounds too smart to be you
Word of prophecy = something about the future.
If you’re in the shallow end, it’s only 2 kicks to the deep end. Anyone can give encouraging words from God. It’s so easy, you’ll think you’re making it up, until they start to cry.

1) Use the gift to find the people. Wait for one who looks open. ‘I just took a course in encouragement, can I try it with you?’
2) We’re much more anointed OUTSIDE than inside.
3) People need to be encouraged everywhere!

John 4:16
He’s been talking about worship. At Jacobs well.
Jesus told her, “Go and bring your husband.” The woman answered, “I don’t have a husband.” “That’s right,” Jesus replied, “you’re telling the truth. You don’t have a husband. You have already been married five times, and the man you are now living with isn’t your husband.”
Not judging here!
He’s finding something to COMMEND. She’s got a mixed up relational life, but he finds something to commend – she’s honest!

If the enemy is having a go at you – it’s because the Lord has a great destiny in line for you!

We see people being pushed down – but the Lord has a great destiny for them – what they need is the power of Spirit to live it out.

Think about a person in your life who really needs God the most. Someone messed up. Now picture them saved, and filled with the Spirit. What ministry would they be drawn to? Worship? Evangelism? Finance?
Pray for them, see them as God sees them – potential.
This is what Jesus was doing.
See yourself like this.

People these days are into reality tv.
2 types:
1) You’re voted out – mean spirit, negative,
2) Makeover shows. Positive.
We need to have extreme prophetic makeover. Pimp my life! Do things to encourage people.

It worked for Jesus. A lot of Samaritans in that town put their faith in Jesus because the woman had said, “This man told me everything I have ever done.”

Jesus was only ever angry at religious people who pretended to know God but didn’t love.

OLD WAY vs New Way
Program vs Organic
Head knowledge about Bible vs No bible value, but may still love god
Prove it vs Experience it
Jesus is the only way vs Choices
Must pray the prayer vs Prayed it- no change
Truth!! Vs Absolute truth
Get conversions! Vs want to be loved.

We have to walk with people. Become the Bible for them.

What people think of Christians
Judgemental, narrow minded, out of touch, irrelevant, intolerant, no fun. After your money.
That’s not us.
We have to redefine this, one person at a time.

Tipping point; Malcolm Gladwell. 30 people can cause great change.
Paul stayed 3 or 4 years in various people’s

MASH units

We need to be churches like that. By love and encouragement.

1. Get the wall down- word of knowledge. Something positive. Dream. Practical. Kindness.

2. Go from head to heart – Notice things they value. Clothing, tattoos, piercings. Music. Ring tones.

3. THEIR felt needs. Loved, listened to, practical help.

FOCUS on their experiences, gifts, calling/ passions.

Jesus operated in all the gifts the disciples did.
You should. Holy Spirit toolbelt. Pull out what‘s needed.
The more you practice any gift, the better you get.

God is speaking all the time. Find something positive in their lives, because God created them.

You are strategically placed – and you didn’t even know it.

It’s the still small voice – learn to trust it.

If you see the –ve over people, you get a check in your spirit = a discerning spirit. How do you use that?
You’re seeing satan’s will. Don’t tell them satan’s will. Tell the opposite. To destroy the works of the enemy: ‘I can see that you’ve been under attack, been through a rough time – but God…!’

The kingdom of God is extremely positive.

Put words of knowledge into a sentence that makes sense to them. “When I look at you I see…’

Go out in twos or threes. Encourage people, and if you’re able to – tell them about God. Col 4:4 Please pray that I will make the message as clear as possible. When you are with unbelievers, always make good use of the time. Be pleasant and hold their interest when you speak the message. Choose your words carefully and be ready to give answers to anyone who asks questions.

Be salty – don’t throw salt in their wounds. Not insider language. Don’t speak Christianese.

Honour the process. Coming to Jesus happens over time. Find out where they are. Ask fact finding questions.
‘You seem spiritual.’
– I grew up in church
– I pray all the time
– I mediate…
Gauge where they are at and meet them there.

There’s an ANGEL in evangelism.
We need to bring the angel back into evangelism. Be the angel.
Ask God for the supernatural encounters!

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  1. Great post so much good stuff! love the M.A.S.H unit analogy.
    Gutted I couldn’t make it last night, will have a listen to recording!

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