Andy Hawthorne at New Wine North 2010. Acts 13

Jesus said some seed gets choked out so it doesn’t bear fruit. We are chosen & appointed to bear much fruit- nut something happens to stop that.

Paul had a good & noble heart and produced fruit & wouldn’t have it! He only had this one short shot before harvest, and he was going to be a bumper harvest person.

We only have this one chance to help the poor & make a difference.

Notice – now it’s ‘Paul & his companions.’ he’s moved to centre stage. It takes more grace than I can tell to play the second fiddle well. Barnabas etc did that, well.

V 38. John Mark deserted them. Barnabas’ cousin. A bit of a div. First sign of division in the team. But Barnabas stuck with him. Thank God he did, because later Paul describes him as useful.

Time plus mistakes = maturity!

‘The Word of the Lord spread across the whole region.’ Let that be true here! The gospel seed spreads.

It won’t happen without hassle, opposition and breakthrough. They were kicked out by the authorities in revival land. If that happened we’d be destroyed – they rejoiced, & went on their way!