APPRENTICE. Andy Stanley – Catalyst. #cat11

APPRENTICE: Andy Stanley.

We need to do a better job in our generation of handing on leadership, than was done for us.
It’s the one thing Jesus and Donald Trump had in common.
Luke 5

Jesus went out and saw a tax collector by the name of Levi sitting at his tax booth. “Follow me,” Jesus said to him, 28 and Levi got up, left everything and followed him.
How did Matthew get to follow Jesus?
Jesus Selected him

Just like he selected 12, from 120.

And he said to the rest, ‘See you later.
How would that feel?

And the answer to that, is ‘Fairness ended in Eden.’

We don’t want to make the same mistake the previous generation made. It’s to do with Apprenticing.

What’s your strategy for developing leaders?
Northpoint Church Strategy = Intentional Apprenticing.

Intentional because you can be a bad example, unintentional.

Which means…

Apprenticing = selecting, modelling and coaching for the purpose of replacing yourself.

We have problems with the FIRST word in that list.
Selection doesn’t seem fair.

Jesus even had 3 in the 12.
And it didn’t seem to bother him.
And he put into 11 of those 12 his values so they became world changers.

How did Jesus make disciples?

Jesus BEGAN with succession in mind.

We wait too long! To do what? To think about succession.

Jesus hand picked – he didn’t ask for volunteers. We’re all about whoever shows up. But Jesus picked his team. He selected some and didn’t select some others. That means, ‘I want to spend more time with you and you, and won;t be intimidated out of doing that.’

He rarely did ministry alone.
He often gave his disciples to try stuff while with him.

Lk 9. He told them what to do, and how. then they reported back to him. Jesus decided that he wanted to be around to see this work without him. Because one day someone else will always be going to take your job. Will you be there to see someone do it without you?

He was willing to launch them – without him. We should pay attention to that. To see them do it without us.

We ignore this, why? Because we’re insecure and busy and intimidated by those younger. We miss the idea of handing off to the next generation what was handed on to us.

This is not about succession planning, finding the next pastor etc.That’s not what succession really is.

It’s a general principle – POUR into the leaders coming behind you. If you are in leadership, we should look back at someone and say, ‘I’m pouring into him…’

1) I’m not an expert.
That’s what kills apprenticing. If you wait till you feel like an expert you’ll never do it. In fact if you think you’re an expert, you’re arrogant. Leaders who are learners are ALWAYS aware of their inadequacies.
You will NEVER feel adequately prepared to apprentice another leader. So if you don’t feel prepared – YOU ARE!
You are not responsible to know everything there is to know about your field. Or Knowing MORE than everybody else in your field.
(This is what the previous generation didn’t do). You ARE responsible for passing on what you do know…to empty your cup. You aren’t there to FILL their cup. You’re not that good! But keep emptying your cup. All you say is, ‘Here’s what I’ve learned, so far.”

2) But what will I do?

If they become as good or better as me?
In a healthy organization – If you replace yourself you will always have a place.
In an unhealthy organisation…
why would you stay in an unhealthy organisation?! Get out.

Two outcomes for doing this:
You become a multi-site leader.
And this isn’t so much about putting training together with them, but sharing life and knowledge.
You become a multi-generational leader.
Many older church people sit around complaining, ‘where are the youngsters?’ and it’s their fault. ‘Well they’re not ready/ biblically illiterate etc.’ Who’s fault is that?

Student Impact – allows 6th graders to volunteer in a small group with little children. And they don’t know all they don’t know. They just show up and lead. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how long you’ve been a Christian etc – if you are one step ahead of anyone, you can lead someone.

This is not a Program, a book, or a Curriculum. That’s not apprenticing. In fact, you can apprentice someone and they don’t even know it. Don’t go to someone and say, ‘I want to apprentice you..’

What DO you do?

A. Hire for the Future.
Hire Young and Smart.
Hire people who intimidate you a little.

B. Don’t Work Alone.
Invite people to work with you, who don’t necessarily do what you’re doing. You may not know it all about it – just empty your cup. Don’t budget alone, don’t interview alone. Don’t design alone. Invite someone in. Even if there’s not much in your cup. Don’t evaluate alone.

This is where preferential treatment is preferred. There are opportunities for you to pour into your people every day!

Remember your MEDS.

Model – here’s WHAT i do
Explain – here’s WHY I do it.
Demonstrate – here’s HOW I do it.

(‘This isn’t how you should do it – it’s just how I do it…’)

Your assignment?

Q. Who is the sharpest young leader on your staff? (Other than you!)
What could you begin doing NOW – to empty your cup into theirs? To pour into their lives. You’re responsible for that.

Success is ultimately measured by whether you leave what you’re doing in capable hands. Hand it on in better shape than it was handed on to us.

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