Carrying on from my Graham Cooke notes for Ivy Grow Groups again! Sorry these are a little late and thanks for the reminder, I have been at New Wine LSE which was fabulous but very busy and little opportunity for internet access. 


  • Pray for Ivy as people go away for summer, many at festivals like New Wine (some for refreshing, others to work)
  • Pray for the meetings continuing on Sundays at Ivy Didsbury at 10am (short family services) and 1130am (no children’s provision)


Isaiah 42:8

“I am the LORD, that is My name;  I will not give My glory to another, Nor My praise to graven images.”

Isaiah 48:11 “For My own sake, for My own sake, I will act;  For how can My name be profaned?  And My glory I will not give to another.”

Discuss: What do you think God meant by not sharing his glory with another? 

Graham Cooke said, “You say ‘He won’t share his glory with another!’ Well you’re not another. You’re his and you’re in him. If you’re in Christ, you’re wonderful – step up into your rightful place!” 

Q: In what sense might God share his glory with us, without that contradicting what the Bible passages above taught?

“That means you have a great sense of knowing what you’re like WITHOUT Jesus and knowing what you are like as you’re walking with Jesus. That’s humility.”

Discuss: What would you/your life be like without Christ? If you’re not yet a Christ- follower, what difference do you think it might make if you did become his disciple? 

GC: ‘God put you into Christ so he can always look at you favourably. You’re a citizen of heaven, living here on earth. So we take our cues from there, not here! Then everyone around you can get blessed. And the more we pour out, the more we get back – pressed down and run over. People around you need you not to be struggling with what God has already killed. Take into your community your closure and your commissioning – and you will take territory.’

READ aloud the end of Philippians 3.

What does it teach us about what people glory in and what God glories in? Is anyone in the group a citizen of more than one country? What does it mean to have citizenship in heaven?

GC: ‘God wants to give you have enough favour to reach the people he’s sending you to. Stop messing around in the shallow end!’

READ Ezek 47:3-6

There are 4 measurings:




Over our heads – in the beauty and majesty of Christ with the current running fast and carrying us. 

If you want to run in that power of the Spirit you have to let go of control. Not my will, but yours. 

Discuss: What ‘control’ holds you back from going head over heels in love with God? 

Pray for one another, inviting the Holy Spirit to draw each person into a place of glorious intimacy with him we can never return from!


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