Tears, Rage and Prayers for Murdered GMP Police Women

I wanted to be a police officer since I was thirteen, and at 16 my dream came true when I joined GMP Police Cadets. After that two years I served 10 years in various roles as a Constable, with some of the bravest and best people imaginable.

As I wrote in my book ‘Diamond Geezers’ my concept of true friendship was forged during those years, and in some senses it spoilt me for what sometimes passes as friendship in the rest of the world.

In the church I have made some great friends too, but such terms as brother/sisterhood are sometimes bandied around too easily as religious concepts among people who are Sunday acquaintances; but while not wanting to be over sentimental, when you’ve been through that dangerous door with someone, or fought alongside them in a dirty pub as the pint pots fly past – you learn who your friends are. My best mate is still one such man I faced fear down alongside with.

The call that every Bobby worth their salt would abandon everything to run to was that of a police woman ‘requiring assistance.’ It was a rare occurrence to hear such a call, because the police women themselves were such brave and resilient people, and when a PW was hurt by a man – he’d crossed the line.

My mum used to always warn me to be careful when I went on duty and I told her not to worry – but many bigger and tougher guys than me were invalided out after injuries on duty. I also remember when I was in GMP a police Inspector called Ray Codling was killed at Birch services and it cast a pall over the thousands who had sworn to work together there for ‘the protection of life and property.’ Just after I left the police it was a brother not only in the police but also a brother in Christ, Stephen Oake, who joined the list of those who laid down their lives in the line of duty. (The full list is found here).

Federation spokesman Ian Hanson said ‘GMP is a family’ – and both serving officers and retired grieve deeply today.

Since I first saw the news break this morning of first of all one, then two police women being murdered in such a callous manner by the coward Dale Cregan. I’ve wandered around in something of a daze. I cried a few times. I’m very angry. I reflected that anger toward heaven as I prayed and the Bible doesn’t shy away from people praying like that. God would rather us be real than religious. The God I know loves people, but hates evil – and punishes it.

If  you want honest prayers where people vent their feelings about injustice try Psalm 5, 6, 11, 12, 35, 37, 40, 52, 54, 56, 58, 69, 79, 83, 109, 137, 139, and 143.

King David asked, “Lord, how long will the wicked… triumph they break in pieces Your people, O Lord,  And afflict Your heritage” (Psalm 94:3,5).

Jeremiah said: “Why does the way of the wicked prosper? ” (Jeremiah 12:1).

Anyone who knows me or our church will know we support and work for and with many great organisations that work to help those in prison, we work to help rehabilitate offenders, we believe in changed lives and see evidence of it regularly. We believe in forgiveness.

But the Bible also indicates that since the very first murder, blood shed like this pollutes the ground and ‘cries out’ to God.

On Sunday in our services we will have a time of silent prayer, and take up financial offerings – that is the least we can do.

And today I’m just talking to God about how I feel about this, I find it hard to talk to anyone else about it that’s why I’m writing it down here.

Praying for the families of Pw Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes; RIP.

Praying for the City I love, where so much great work is done and incidents like this appall everyone, that after this ‘dark day’ we’ll work together for light and right.

Praying for the Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy who I have met on a number of occasions, and all the Police here who are as he says, ‘In Mourning,’ that their professionalism and integrity will result in the strongest possible case being presented to the court so justice is done here on earth.

Praying for organisations like Redeeming Our Communities, founded from our church by Debra Green OBE working together with the Police and all people of good will for the benefit of all.

But right now – I’m not proud to say, I can’t pray for Cregan, and those who have sheltered the evil coward.

So what do you do when you can’t pray?

I’ll have to talk to God about that.

2 thoughts on “Tears, Rage and Prayers for Murdered GMP Police Women

  1. Dear Anthony, i was speaking on Sunday at church with a visitor who once served down at the Met, i was joking with him about how you & i met just before the Manchester Marathon and prayed healing for your back and for our city and how for 26.2 miles you were behind me and just like the old days i was on my toes with the old bill ( you ) on my heals . it dosnt seem funny anymore. making a joke about my toe ragged past. i can only thank God that the ‘them & us ‘ mentality i used to have was left at the cross and by the Power of forgiveness only found in Christ giving His life for a wretch like me changed not only my mind but most importantly my heart. My heart aches with yours Anthony at the devaluation and mindless loss of life, lives given to serve and protect ,if we’re truthful for many of us who don’t deserve it . there’s much talk about the need for the spirit of the Olympics to continue . My prayer firstly is that God’ Holy Spirit would comfort the families of Pw Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes and there colleagues. That the Good work that God has been doing through Eden /lifecentre Hattersley and local churches ( service at St Barnies on Hattersley at 10am 2moz ) would unite the community to mourn with the families and work together with GMP to bring to justice those who are bent on evil . and that those who have been involved in doing wrong be convicted to the point of repentance and be ready to face the consequences of there actions . Anthony,your spot on mate, God wants us to be real, Romans 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with GOOD. the verses before are hard to swallow but no less are they Truth,
    LORD comfort the broken hearted on this terrible day and in the days, months and years ahead .

  2. Hiya Anthony , That was a very powerful message you sent out , and wonderfully honest ! , I used to be on the other said of the Law but thankfully God Saved me from that life , when I heard about what happened to those police women ( So tragically Sad ) God reminded me of myself years ago , when I lived in a world of a drug induced unreality , I was in a lot of trouble at Bootle Street police station , and I was thinking how I could kill 2 policemen who were on to me !! ( Sad I Know !! ) The Devil really had a grip on my life at that time , Sadly Anthony , not all police officers are as honest and as good as you were , That does not mean the criminal is right , it just makes his vision blurred to all those who are good and upright and who keep the law . What I,m trying to say is  – GOD Loved me Despite the person I had become , and sadly the abuse had made me , I met police officers who were cruel and wicked , and I also met many who were kind and good to me despite the criminal I had become !! Nowadays I pray for all the police , and it breaks my heart to hear what has happened to these officers , I know this though  – That God will work ALL this out for Good , and as the Son of Sam said after he got saved  -I deserve to die for what I have done , but I pray that those who are damaged by what I did , will be Healed by the Gracious God who saved a wretch like me , this is written from a person who sadly was capable of doing such wickedness but Thank God He has changed me , so I will be praying for you Anthony and ALL who have been affected by this wicked act , But like Joseph said  – You meant this for EVIL , but GOD used it for GOOD , I really thank God for you my brother .  yours john dunne

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