Matty Hawthorne – What’s the point of church

These notes from Matty’s talk at our new gathering at Ivy Sharston form our discussion notes for this week’s grow groups

Church is about people with a purpose
It’s not about a building

Why do people HATE church?

One of the worst things Christians have done is make God boring

One Internet thread Matty found described
Christians as the most judgemental people

Read James 2:14-20

Maybe it’s not about being more relevant but more real.

We talk as if we have the monopoly on love – but the world wouldn’t agree.

We talk as if we have the monopoly on generosity.

People love to do good works and give.
We should encourage and recognise that.

Read Matt 5:14-16

What does ‘shine’ mean to you?
The message version says be generous with your lives.

It’s not (just) about the money!

What makes a church a church?

The Bible word ‘oikos’ we translate in the Bible as household is really a gathering of community, extended family. Is your grow group an oikos?

What matters? 3 things

Love one another
Get the message of Jesus out there
Depending on God’s Spirit

Matty’s definition of church – a group of people gathered around Jesus, worshipping, Discipling and missioning.

Do you agree? What’s he missing? Anything?

We know Worshipping isn’t (just) singing.
So why do we call singing in church !a time of worship ‘ instead of a time of singing. Shouldn’t we just call it singing? Discuss.

Pray for your GG
Pray for every Ivy gathering – especially the new one at Sharston
Pray for every church, large and small, in our city – wherever and however they meet: that our lights shine in generosity and servanthood.

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