Have You No Bread? Have You No Fish?

I had a great dream the other night.

I was with Zoe (and our son Joel) at a grand house which seemed like some kind of hotel.

There was a very kind scottish porter who was showing us our room and asked, ‘Do you now the motto of the house?’

Joel said, ‘It’s written above all the doors!’ I looked at the large patio doors and above them were brass plaques with the following writing;


The porter laughed, ‘Of course the Master has provided the bread and the fish!’

I looked to the corner of the room where a huge table groaned with all the food you could ever want to eat, including of course lots and lots of bread and fish.

Our host, still chuckling, loudly declared, “There will always be enough, and an abundance of leftovers – basketfuls of leftovers!”


I looked out of the windows and seemed to be looking from the north at London. Somehow I could see the whole of the city at once, the whole River Thames laid out before me. A band was getting ready in the grounds to start a celebration.

Personally speaking this dream comes at a time when I have been invited to write a booklet (see my previous post) and follow up book which will be distributed free for churches and I’m told that many thousands of them will be given to London churches! I have to admit even as I write it to daily battles with self doubt over ever line and paragraph in that booklet. It’s such a battle!

Thank God HE has what it takes for what He wants to happen!

There WILL be bread! There will be fish! There will be miracles! There will be provision! There will be multiplication!

2 thoughts on “Have You No Bread? Have You No Fish?

  1. I’m interested in seeing whether anything has come from this dream sir.

    1. Hi Calvin sorry my blog’s been being updated but LOTS has come from the dream, search the blog under New Thing and Church planting and watch the latest video post for more on that.

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