Leadership notes from @leadnet gathering discussions

Some notes from discussion with Greg Surratt and Dave Smith in Q & A at  @leadnet gathering


Read ‘The Triumph Of Christianity’ – Rodney Stark – 

Traces the Jesus movement through to now. 

Describes how the demise of the church in Europe was because it became a lazy church.

The answer to the demise is church planting.

The most important person in the church for it to be effective is the church leader.

And if that’s true…

The next most important person is…


His or her PA.

Who should help you only do what only you can do.  

Let other very capable people lead other things.

You can’t start with complete delegation on day one, but you have to learn to delegate more and more.

You are never going to lead anything big and still enjoy life without good systems that free you up.

Be ruthless on what do I really need to know? What do I really need to do.

Virtual Assistants can be very helpful.