Your teenager has lost half their mind. And it’s normal.

Don’t you just love TED talks? All this knowledge, free. I’m a junkie for it. Turn the TV off and learn something. 

Anyone who’s a parent, grandparent or in any way knows an adolescent or someone likely to grow into one should watch this one. And for adolescent, really, read ‘Up to 25.’ The speaker’s voice isn’t exactly calming I know – but bear with it please she has some great insights.


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My notes:


Physiologically the chemicals that tell you ‘I am angry’ go in 90 seconds.

Unless you press repeat on them.


Nobody can MAKE me angry, or make me anything. It’s always my choice to respond (as Dr Covey would no doubt concur – cf. Habit 1 of 7 Habits)


We like to think we are thinking people who feel, whereas actually we are feeling people who think.


The Brain’s main question, most of the time = ‘Am I safe?’

We feel safe when everything’s as normal. Familiar.


When it all gets shaky for whatever reason, our amygdala goes on alert – but we can control that by our self talk. The reason people get violent is because they didn’t wait 90 seconds.


The TEENAGE BRAIN is different, biologically.


We are born with twice as many neurons as we need.

The cells not stimulated die away.


0 – 10 is all about ME finding my way around the world.

Prepuberty you get a boost, an exhuberance.



Puberty involves a major growth spurt (upsets the amygdala)

a hormone flood (mood swings)

and 50% of the synaptic connections get pruned back, you lose half your mind! How unfamiliar does that make you feel!?

And you grow testosterone receptors on your amygdala – which leads to AGGRESSION.


The prefrontal cortex is the last part of the brain to get reattached. This is the part that deals with ability to plan ahead, control impulse, sense danger, understand consequences and their appropriateness.


Whatever you want to do later, do it as a teenager. This is the time to ‘tend the garden of your mind.’ Choose who you want to be later.

You become an adult at 25.


Parents? ‘Keep ‘em alive – to 25.’

Teens? Keep your brain cells alive – to 25.


Our left brain society is leading to environmental and mental issues. We mask our pain with substances. The teenage brain is most vulnerable to this. You can choose who you want to be in the world.


CREATE and cultivate a conscious relationship with your brain!