Catch some passion from Andy Hawthorne today.

If you’re a preacher, this is a masterclass in how passion persuades.

It’s hard not to grow a church that reaches people far from God and helps them find their way back when you have someone like my mate Andy Hawthorne in it. In fact – there is nobody like Andy!

I get to have breakfast with him most weeks and he’s one of the people who inspires me to GO FOR IT, by the way, he’s speaking at Ivy Kingsway this Sunday am.

I don’t want you to miss out on connecting to this passionate, uncompromising and gifted man whose charity The Message does so much great stuff he’s been honoured with an OBE.

Watch this video, you probably won’t need to turn the volume up. Below it is what I take from this PASSIONATE talk he gave to a national Youth Workers a couple of weeks ago– watch it here:


Keep Mission central. Not only mission – EVANGELISM! PREACH! Preach the cross! To bear MUCH fruit. Not just loving people, of course we do that but we have to tell people the way TO heaven and out of hell.

And that’s COSTLY! But if we are red letter Christians we have to say what he said about now and eternity.

Do we believe this any more? The only thing that counts, the only thing TO count, is disciples!

If we don’t proclaim the gospel – who will?!

The Holy Spirit will come and bring CONVICTION. Don’t we want righteous young disciples?!

Step out! If they don’t hear it, they won’t have hope restored.

John Wesley: social reformer AND he said ‘You have nothing to do but save souls!’

William Booth: ‘Not called to evangelism? Put your ear down to the Bible and hear him call you – to go….’

Let us build rescue shops within a yard of hell!