Debby Wright at #NewWine14

We are here as a people of the presence.
Years ago she felt God kept stirring her to make a difference to prostitutes.
10 years on, she got connected to a drop in centre, and started to volunteer every Friday. Found people with such broken lives.
One girl was a prisoner in her own home, abused by her partner – but refused prayer, over and over. Finally she allowed it.
When she got to her house she found the only man who had ever been kind to her in her life was outside.
He threw the guy out, and he drove away drunk – and got arrested and out of the picture. We can’t do anything in our own strength.
Isaiah 55
God wants to satisfy us.

David learned to go to God & be satisfied
That prepared him to be King
God remembered David’s heart for him, more than his sin.
That David wanted to be His.

Only Jesus can quench our thirst.
He wants to feed us
And others through him

When you overflow, you can’t help but give it out.

How quick do you leak?
Could it be an email or a word that empties you out?
Interrupting the flow

John 4 – the water of Jesus is an internal spring that never runs out: as long as we’re abiding, drinking him in.

One day, Revelation promises, this will be completely satisfied.

We receive and now we can give. In the presence of God, amazing things happen.

People of the presence get mobilised to go out. To move out in their gifts – they get released. Not ambitious for their own sake, but for the kingdom.

People of the presence get influence. They are willing to pay the price. Counting it all loss. They press into God and press on to glory.

Filled up – we spill out
The end of Is 55 is about going to the nations.

Reach out, step out, speak out, give out.