You Foolish Mancuniuns! Matty Hawthorne at Ivy Sharston

We are a church that gets this message of grace.
But one survey said 81% of Christians believe Christianity is primarily as rule keeping. We have to get grace, and Galatians is all about that.
New believers there were being told it was Jesus plus that saved us The OT – the law was 613 rules
The NT – Heb 8 : it’s on your heart and mind. The law… Of love 1 John – his commands are not burdensome
We live under one covenant only
Eph 2:12 says law was never an option for Gentiles anyway
It’s new covenant or nothing for us, foreigners to the covenant.

It says ‘I will forgive their sins & remember them no more’

Jesus death and resurrection bought it for us

For there to be an inheritance there has to be a death
The covenant takes effect then
There’s a great dividing line in history

Moses came down with the tablets
They say ‘we will do it all’
Then they make a golden calf

Being under the law is like having a swivel chair God, like in the Voice If you have done well, he will turn his face to you

But the real God is unchangeable
So to save us he makes a promise to himself because that’s not going to change. It’s a covenant between God and God and you caught in the middle.

We can’t live by the 613
We can’t live by the 10
We can live by grace – Jesus plus nothing.

Guided by Jesus he will lead you into life. Law never does that.

You foolish Mancuniuns!

Take Jesus instead. You can’t pick and choose laws – you’ll pick and lose. Because then you are under a curse. Don’t pinch laws and sprinkle them into your grace.

The cross says Christ is the end of the law. You need to read the OT with NT glasses on. Then it’s clear.

Heb 10:11 – Jesus doesn’t have to keep standing in the tabernacle – he’s sat down. Because it’s finished.

Don’t make salvation about you and your efforts
You never leave the gospel

So, I’m sinning – what do I do?
And get grace.

God already forgave you. He doesn’t deal with you on the basis of your sins but on Christ’s offering.

Believe him, like Abraham – and it’s credited to you as righteousness.

Don’t fix your eyes on your sin
Fix your eyes on Jesus
Don’t fight the flesh. Be filled with the Spirit.
His grace is enough
He gave his life for you
To give his life to you
To live his life through you