‘After The Giant.’ LEAD – Life Church Bradford Charlotte Gambill

Lots of our teaching is about how to make it through the valley/ the storm/ the fight and there’s an aspect of that which is wonderful because when you’re in crisis you lean in hard and listen up,

But how about the place where you relax, and then you become careless. At the place of victory, the mountaintop, not the struggle in the valley. In those moments we make the silly choices, when we let our guard down.

We have all preached about David and Goliath. Such a rich, overcoming story of the boy with the pocketful of stones who takes a giant down.

But how about what happened immediately after the giant?
When something happened more significant than the giant.

Your momentum follows after your moments of victory.
How you handle success matters.
Don’t be so in love with your giant killing moments and his head being cut off that you switch your brain off.

The giant took David from zero to hero.Now he has the light shine on him.

But don’t get so enamoured by your moment by how great my preach was, how fabulous that conference was, Because it says AS SOON AS…

Straight away, fresh off the back of that victory…whatever it is for you..

Abner took him straight to Saul, with the head of the giant still there in his hand. That fresh breakthrough is there with him.

Your beheading moments will want some people to be with you, and you’d better be ready for that so you have the right people there with you. He still has that head with him and he’s summoned before Saul

And people want to know ‘Who are you now?’

2 types of people will come to you in that moment. Watch who you align with.

There was a Saul, and there was a Jonathan.

Two potential alignments. Don’t get so impressed that we have an invite from Saul, that we hand over our destiny. Before you hand it over – make sure you do it with the right people. make sure the yes is not because you’re flattered.

SAUL asks him in.

After David finished talking with Saul, JONATHAN became one in Spirit with him, and loved him as himself.

Someone in that room doesn’t care what’s in David’s hand, He already saw what was in his heart.

If they are only happy with what’s in your hand you’ll always have to go head hunting.

David just stumbled into his moment of greatness, as David was on the way to doing what he was meant to be doing because he Dad asked him.

You don’t want to be the guy that once started the orphanage, led the crusade etc. Freezing your victory in time.

These two types of people are in churches all over the world. Some people just want you to come and have you kill a giant for them. But look out because there might be a Jonathan in the room you’re meant to be partnering with. They are there too. Maybe they are really the reason you are there.

If you are so focused on ‘Ooh Saul’s here!’ and your moment, and your victory, you won’t even notice Jonathan.

Saul will kill you!
But Jonathan will die for you!

After Jonathan heard David, he said ‘I get you. I’ll be there for you. I’m for you, we’re connected.’

Saul will try to control you.
Saul wouldn’t let David go home. You have to stay here. I get significance off your success.
He has a controlling language – a plan for David, for his career.

Church is not an industry it’s a ministry. Saul aaas saying ‘You can’t go here or there.’

Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as himself. Which kind of leader are you?
Do you love and bless people? Do you make a covenant? ‘I’ve got your back, I’ll cover you.’

Saul will use you, your gift, ability, to further his significance.

Jonathan will contribute to you. He gave him his tunic, cloak, bow, sword, robe. He would even lay down his claim on the throne. His title. He did it in private. Saul did it in public but was different in private.

Who endorses you, and there’s nothing they need back from you, because they are so in love with the Jesus thing.

I want to be the kind of leader who wants to contribute to others.

Don’t USE people, love them and out of that, let them be USEFUL.

Saul eventually showed his true colours, he got angry when people were singing about david, and kept a jealous eye on him. The very one who bogged him up at the start as his friend is the same one saying ‘I don’t want you anywhere near me because your success threatens me.’

So in the moment of victory, put the head down, and lift your head up. Steward that moment, line up your thinking with God.

Saul saw a boy who could kill a giant

Jonathan saw a man after God’s own heart.

Stop trying to impress Saul, he’ll never be impressed, open your heart to God.