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Prayer is necessary, but it’s not a crutch not to do anything. You cannot let your budget dictate your faith. You have to trust God that he will meet your needs. We must MOVE to action

Ezek 22:30

God’s looking for someone to stand in the gap.


Who would stand there.

A gap = place of danger, vulnerability and danger.

These days the gaps are wider.

God’s still looking for those who will engage the gap.

You must engage your community. See your city as your church. Jesus sat with the lost. People who didn’t look like him. Demon possessed men, Samaritan women. He went to them. He wasn’t afraid.

What is sacred is the MESSAGE, not the METHOD. We can use all kinds of methods to reach people.

Fear is the absence of faith.

Nehemiah is living large, then he asks a question that changes the course of his life: ‘How’s Jerusalem?’

If you are not going to do anything, don’t ask!

Nehemiah had to do something. With revelation comes responsibility. Walk toward the need. Bring the kingdom of God outside your church and into the world.

  • He PRAYED and fasted – He WEPT for the hopelessness in the city
  • He PLANNED – you have to write it down. Many of us like the end product but not the process. How many leaders have been talking about doing something for 5 years, but not doing anything
  • He PROCEEDED 760 miles journey. This is sacrificial.
  • He PERSUADED. You will face strong opposition whne you stand in the gap, but God is with you, who can be against you.

Nehemiah was not a priest or a prophet, but he was a worker who went and worked for God.

HOW IS MANCHESTER? Where are the gaps to stand in?

2 thoughts on “STAND IN THE GAP

  1. You fill the gap where you are and where you’re sent. His Kingdom is always where you are because of the Matthew principle of the Great Commission, the seal of the gospel. We get stamped with the Royal seal that’s already paid for and gauantees delivery at the hands of the Royal Male. The message isn’t in a bottle but clay pots filled with water transformed into wine and labelled Kingdom by the King filled and overflowing.

  2. Thanks, Pastor Anthony for offering perspective. The phrases that mean a lot to me are ”You must engage your community” and ”If you are not going to do anything, don’t ask!” Fortunately, I have for a long time been asking, ”why am I here?” and ”how can I fulfil God’s call on my life?” In all, I find your write up both challenging and insightful. Thanks again!

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