Don’t Forget Where You Were Sent. Ben Jeffery @bmjeffery @IvyChurchHub

How do you see the world?

A baby’s life just revolves around itself.
When did you first realise the world was broken?

And think ‘somebody has to do something about this.’

When you hear about ‘unreached people groups’ what about that?

Or that crowd you are in – somebody must tell them about Jesus.

But something gets in the way of it being me.

What gets in the way for you?

Too busy
Not wanting to impose

Luke 10:1-3
The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few

There’s no harvest problem
It’s a worker problem.

Remember Jesus was talking to ordinary young guys. Peter the up & down fisherman not ‘St Peter’ not great orators or even examples, at times not even great fishermen!

But he will make them more than they are by using who they are – fishers of men.

The worker problem is an identity problem now, they were not fishing for men. The workers were not working

It’s an identity issue.

‘As the Father sent me I am sending you.’
What does sent mean?
Not that we are nomads.
Send = missio in Latin

Ever noticed how someone on a mission trip can end up different than when they are just doing life?
They come back telling stories of preaching out in the African village and living rough and seeing miracles.
Then they come back and won’t even help with the coffee
The difference is, they know when they are ‘there’ that they are sent
It’s a sent mindset!

What if you are sent – to your street? Family? Workplace?
Would it make a difference there? That sent mindset?
We can forget, when we get there- that we are sent there.
We go out with the best intentions but get distracted by really good things.

How do you see the world?
How do you see yourself?
Aren’t you a missionary? You’re a sent one. Go! And know you are sent. Open your eyes and see the harvest.