Get Him Something Useful For Fathers Day!

Most of the cards I see for Father’s Day are a bit of a joke, and not that funny.

‘Dad’ is praised – for his farts or ability to drink beer. Is that it?

But in a world where men don’t know how to be men, how on earth are they meant to learn to be a father?

Gordon Dalbey wrote about polling a group of 350 men and asking whether and how their own fathers ever gave them help, encouragement or support in parenting. Only 5 put their hands up. Even less men heard anything from a father as they wrestled through issues such as their own sexuality. And we wonder why we’re in a mess?

God promised to turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers, and if not the land is cursed. I’d say we’re seeing the second part of that in so many areas, because we are not seeing the first. The stakes could not be higher!

If he’s still around, celebrate Dad today. I really miss mine.

Buy him a tankard or a golf club. If he didn’t do a bad job, say thank you because way too many do.

And if you want to buy him something that might actually be useful, can I suggest the book I released last year, Rough Diamonds?

Focusing on real transformation in areas like fitness, finance, family and fathering – six factors of a man’s life that will make all the difference for him, and everyone he knows.