How Churches Become Generous – Dave Smith, Kingsgate Church #NextLevel

Preach Disciple Celebrate Model – GENEROSITY 

How are we doing in these areas?

PREACHING is absolutely foundational.

We must preach about what God says about generosity and money. A lack of boldness holds us back, so God’s people are held back! We must not filter this through our Britishness. We must be biblical about it. Some of our churches just never talk about money. There’s a mindset to that. When I became a Christian I went to everyone I could to share the grace of God in my spirit and about salvation. But I heard a preacher talking about the blessing of God and he had justification, and salvation, and healing. Then he tried to talk about the blessing of God in provision.

God has to free us from all wrong cultural mindsets.

500 years ago there was a reformation! Based on sola scriptura. The ultimate authority is God’s word. Not our reason or experience.

And their primary foundation they focused on was about justification.

But the Bible has a lot to say about money too.

We must get convinced, and bold on this. Not because we need more money from people.

I enjoy teaching on money because I know it’s a blessing to people.


It all comes from him and belongs to him

We are his stewards

We are to give back to him, the firstfruits, a tithe given back as the starting point. Like stabilisers. Get started there and from there many give way above it.

Tithing started as a faith response before the Law, through Abraham.

When you teach boldly on finances, people actually lean in rather than back off.

Dave said to God ‘I want to be balanced on this…’ God gave him a picture of a road with two ditches

On one – the ditch of a poverty mindset

On the other – a hyper prosperity mindset

How do we go along the road of God’s provision without falling in a ditch?

Matt 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you as well.

The gospel is not a means to get rich, Paul tells us. But we have a Father who is generous.

So, do your homework, get convinced about what the Bible says, and preach it.

Not just when you have an offering need! Preach and teach this stuff throughout the year. God has a plan for your finances.

Do a mini series on stewardship.

Do the odd giving message.

Build it in.

God is a giving God.


Jesus didn’t just preach to the crowd, he also spent time relationally investing in his smaller tribe. We must provide safe places to follow up. How do we teach new Christians about what God says about money? Why wait till they have been a follower for 5 years.

We know everyone isn’t at the same place.

Some are struggling, others are stable, and some have surplus.

We need to teach courses on what God says about giving, spending, saving and debt?


What you celebrate, you propogate. There’s power in stories. How do we celebrate generosity?

  • Celebrate transformed lives. Tell stories! Because of our giving together – look at what God has done.
  • Tell the people what their giving has gone to. They love to know that! Missions, disasters, other churches etc.
  • Individual members who have been on that journey. (Video?)


Leaders must go first. God doesn’t just want to do something in our heads, he wants to change our hearts.

Core teams need to know that giving has to go right through the culture.

God has provided for us so generously. He is rich and he can do it!

When you learn to trust God with your personal finances, it helps you with your church finances.

Actively apply your faith!

Ask the Lord, whose church it is… for what you need to do his work!

When you see God being so faithful in the little, you’ll see him help you for your good and his glory.