2022 is Ivy’s Year Of BLESSING!

Watch the video that’s encouraged so many already.

Our God is a blesser! He is a Father who loves to bless his children.

It’s always been true and we see that as we look here at Genesis 1 –

In the beginning, God speaks a blessing, a benediction, the word just means a good word – and he’s still speaking

A blessing over the planet and the plants, 

A blessing over the sky and the seas, 

the birds and the bees and the seeds and the trees 

and evening and morning.

Every day – he says what he sees and he sees ‘it’s good and it’s good and it’s good!’ 

And a blessing comes. Because God’s blessing makes everything productive and multiplying and flourishing – that’s what blessing does. Watch the video and ask God to bless you and yours this year!

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