Jim Collins – GREAT BY CHOICE. Catalyst 2011

Anyone who’s a student of Leadership will be familiar with Collins. In this talk he gave us a synopsis of his new book – GREAT BY CHOICE. Buying it was a no brainer. Good is the enemy of Great. Systematically, what separates the two? He takes an empirical approach to that. Compare those that became great, with those that didn’t – in the same field and circumstance. Greatness is not about circumstance but discipline and choice. Rate the world you’re in, 1 to 10. 1= Nothing can hurt you, it’s moving slow. Stable. 10 – There are consequences to messing up, things can hurt you, turbulent. Question – why do some organisations and leaders THRIVE in the face of change and still perform very well? You get Great by Choice. The answer is not what happens to you, but the choices and actions that separate some from others. What have they found? LIFE IS PEOPLE. It all begins with people. As he said in Good to Great – you need to ask Who should be on the bus, then get […]