FULLY ALIVE! My notes from @erwinmcmanus teaching day at WCA UK

Everything this guy says is tweetable 🙂 I started tweeting some but I couldn’t do that and take good notes so I stopped tweeting… I have seen way too many people not reach their potential, but it’s unthinkable that Christians do that. Christians have been taught that the future was set, by the same people who taught that the world was flat. The words we use most end up having the least meaning for us. Beautifying the bride? If you put a beautiful white dress on a bride with a leg cut off and bleeding, she’s not looking too good. He is from El Salvador – which means ‘The Saviour’. Great address! But he grew up without much religious connection. God was an unreal object of frustration for his mother. He was interested in mythology, to try to work out what it was to be human, which led to a psychiatrist from 12. The psychiatrist asked him, ‘What do you see?’ That clued him into how people see differently. He began to want to escape from a reality he didn’t […]

Reversing The Death Spiral

Reversing the Death Spiral of a Leader. Dr Henry Cloud. @Drhenrycloud Willow Creek GLS   Leaders take charge. They do stuff. They don’t blame. They exert energy and take charge of people and problems. They do hard things.   But the hardest thing you have to be in charge of, is yourself.   Leaders always see a vision, get a team, and a plan, and tweak along the way and move from here toward there.   But sometimes along the way, they stop being in charge of themselves and fall off in a downward spiral.  This happens in very accomplished leaders.   What happens in a downward spiral? Leaders who last think, feel and behave differently from the ones who spiral out.   A study looked at two groups of people; 1)   High performers on the entry test. 2)   Dummies who failed the entry test.   In the field the second group outperformed the first by 53%! Wow!   Oh, but there was one other difference,   They did another test. The first group were also pessimists.  The second were […]

Finding and Developing Leaders

Oscar Muriu (Nairobi Chapel) at Willow Creek GLS How do we find and develop leaders?  1.    The size of the harvest depends on how many leaders you have.  The harvest is plentiful. The more harvesters we commission, the greater the harvest will be. Jesus FIRST found leaders and invested into their lives. He didn’t throw himself in the work but into the workers. If we don’t do that, we burn out. Don’t limit your influence to your own personal capacity. How many are you raising up to continue the work after you? The more havetsers you have, the more harvesters you can bring in. 2.    Don’t Limit Yourself By Living To Your Own Generation. Psalm 71:18 So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come. Acts 13:36 says David served the purpose in his generation. But David says he didn’t just live for his own generation! The only way for your vision to outlive you is to instill it in others. […]