God speaks through Dreams: Walking with the King

So often in my life God has spoken to me through dreams (either my own, Zoe’s or other people’s). It’s very biblical – just check out the nativity story! He’s provided direction, affirmation, confirmation and revelation while I was fast asleep.

Just looking through some old notes I was reminded of this dream which has been foundational to much of my life and ministry ever since, I have spoken of it many times since. It came the night before we were due to start the very first week of what has become a major national conference ‘Detling.’ I had been worrying a little about how I’d get on as a speaker when we had various ‘big names’ booked to speak and I was feeling intimidated. Then God stepped into my dream…here are my notes from when I work up (the secret of getting revelation is to value what you get – rather than just forget it).

WALKING WITH THE KING Dream: 16th August 2000

I was stationed on duty outside a great palace like Buckingham Palace, dressed like one of the soldiers in ceremonial dress with the Busby hat on – as an ex police officer I’ve done my fair share of standing still and ‘guarding!’

Suddenly I was aware that I had a new assignment. I was to escort the King across the road to a very important function he was attending in another part of the palace. The King appeared in a nearby doorway and I saw that he looked very old and majestic (like any good King would). The Ancient of Days.


He told me to take his hand, and then he actually leaned his weight on me as he came down some steps. I felt such an incredible sense of privilege as I was walking with him. Even though it seemed every TV camera in the world was aimed on him as he came to the great event, as we walked along holding hands it really was just the two of us.

The King warned me about the road and the dangers on it, and I thought the dangers would come as a result of being so near the world. But then a car came round the corner driven by a Christian I know, packed full with other Christians. As they pointed at me walking with the king they came close to actually knocking us both down- although I knew I was safe with the King (I was supposedly guarding him)!

As we got near the pavement on the other side of the road, the King took us off in the wrong direction, away from the ‘very important function’ and toward a garden. ‘But your majesty, we’re supposed to be going to the function,’ I said. He replied, ‘There’ll be time for that. Right now I want just you and I to walk in the garden hand in hand. I love this garden, and there are gardens I’ve placed all around the grounds so I can walk with you any time.’ I woke up.

Now of course as you’ve read this it’s been obvious to you who the King is hasn’t it? It was only when I woke up and i thought, “Wow – I was with the king of england” that it hit me that England doesn’t have a King at all!

It was a great dream that still stirs my heart all these years on as I recall vividly I had a huge sense of privilege that I had been so intimate with the King of kings and Lord of lords. It put earthly ‘stardom’ in its proper perspective and helped me get over my insecurity standing next to any other human being.

No matter what duty you’re stationed at today- the King wants to take a walk in the garden with you. He wants that more than he wants to do anything else. It’s the most important thing for him.