Let’s Talk About Sex

Tomorrow evening I start a new series at Ivy Central, Didsbury 7pm I’m calling FIRST LOVE. When I was on holiday this year I had a dream that when I woke up I felt like God was saying we should look at the whole area of sex and sexuality and relationships, friendships, marriage, singleness, gender and so on. I’ve never really gone into these things though it seems everyone else talks about them all the time but my reason has been ‘I want to keep the main thing the main thing and just focus on Jesus and the good news.’ But who is the good news for? And how come the world does not see the church as its purveyor? It would be hard to disagree that one of the main reasons is for how we’ve gone about this. I’d planned a one off teaching on singleness and dating but I felt like we had to go further and deeper into messy areas the church has traditionally made such a mess of discussing,  where there’s an incredible amount of hurt […]

GROWING – How different people change us into different people. Brad Jersak at Ivy Church Didsbury @bradjersak #Bgbg2

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What if you don’t make particular people your target group for your church- but make the Trinity your target group, then God will come, and bring His friends.

The Management of Perception

Richard Reising visited Ivy today, and gave some great input which I’m going to be pretty much directly quoting from my notes on and putting out as a series of posts on CHURCH MARKETING… I know, I know… Marketing is a dirty word in church circles but marketing principles are not contrary to scripture – they pretty much come out of it! Marketing is NOT what you think it is. It’s not telemarketing people ringing and bothering you etc. It’s the management of perception. That’s pretty simple. It’s not the manipulation of perception! Management = to know were we are today, where we need to be and make the neccessary adjustments How is the church today perceived? How do we want it to be perceived? What do we have to do to bring about the change.  If you ask people what the church is for, you’ll probably get an answer you don’t agree with. Your church has a perception. OR (worse) nobody knows about you! Everything you do that forms a perception of who you are – it’s marketing. Whether […]