Hugh got to know a tattooist called Sammy. He’d been in prison 15years. Tough guy. But one day he got quiet and said, ‘I have a gift for you.’


You’re one of my favourite people – I love your family

You guys are making it hard not to believe.

Then he gives him the gift;

A bag of marijuana. (Nice!)


We all crave those moments where we move people naturally toward Jesus.

It doesn’t just happen.

There’s a way of relating to people;


As we incarnate in the world, we get a reputation in the worlds like Jesus

And then the conversations end up happening


It goes…


INCARNATION – (deeply dive into humanity) don’t gasp when they swear etc., Why are we so afraid? God with us. So just be there. Learn about their life, when they want you to. Jesus did not come into the world to condemn the world but to save it. Be good news. Be a peacemaker. Don’t isolate – incarnate. Get in there. If you do that you’ll get a


REPUTATION – Jesus was called a glutton, a drunkard AND a friend of sinners. Sinners said, ‘He’s my friend.’ We have taken the message and ruined it. No fun, no connecting with those kinds of people. All the stuff you can’t do if you’re going to be a Jesus person. But Jesus had the reputation and it led to


CONVERSATION with friends


Which leads naturally to




Paul said I’m going to hang around with you because I want Christ to be formed in you. Jesus wants to teach us how to be human again. We should be the least judgemental people in the world.


Ask God to give you the name of someone who doesn’t feel good about you. Then call them and apologise.


Evangelism should be good news. Leading to –