How old are you really?

Next year I’m 50. I’m a grandad to three boys.

If you’d described someone like that to me when I was a kid I would have thought you didn’t have your own teeth and were on the way to the boneyard.

I genuinely don’t feel ‘nearly 50.’ I’ve tried to eat well (thanks Zoe), go to bed every night forgiving everyone and wake up every day knowing I’m forgiven. I have very little stress in my life even though I’m busy because Jesus told me I don’t need to worry about anything. I try to keep fit by exercising hard 5 days a week, I have a day off.

None of that necessarily means I’m going to live forever, and quite honestly I don’t want to because to be with Christ is as Paul says ‘Better by far.’ One day I’ll get a whole new body that’s not subject to decay. But right now this one is, and I’m going to look after it as well as I can – so I am going to go next door now and throw some kettlebells around.

Then I’ll do the EFX workout by Mark Lauren which will, by half way, have me clawing for breath, my muscles aching and my mind saying ‘Why exactly are we doing this again?’

Here’s a free sample of that workout – I have followed Mark’s You Are Your Own Gym for about 2 years and it’s so good I only really ever go to the gym now to swim. Best fitness app available and a great book too. I bought the EFX set and it’s really good, but incredibly tough (Can’t wait!).

And after a shower I’m 25 again and ready for anything the world throws at me

In my book Diamond Geezers I have a chapter on Fitness because this is a very important part of stewardship. God gave you a body to look after, how are you doing with that?

Maybe you think you’re too old for all that? Check out this 81 year old guy then, virtue of then get out of the chair and as my mate Bobby Joe Edwards (a boxing legend who comes to Ivy) says ‘Step In Da Groove And Move!’