When the fire goes out


Last night we went down to the seashore with some old friends to set off fireworks for bonfire night.
One of the rockets somehow lost its fuse, then the fuse must have got damp because it wouldn’t light.
All its brothers went flying off to do their glorious thing, while ‘Mighty Max’ could only watch from a safe distance like the rest of us. It was going to miss its purpose and party.
What do you do when the fire goes out? Personally?
What does a church that’s losing or lost its fire do?
There’s no point complaining about it or willing it to go again. The potential may be there but it’s still going nowhere.
Enter BIG BEN.
We put no longer very mighty Max right next to Big Ben. When Big Ben went off, 36 glorious shots in all, well, there were 37.

And number 5, most wonderful of them all, loudest and brightest, was Mighty Max.
He didn’t need a fuse.
He needed great company!

This is a little parable for me as I think about New Thing Europe and my plan to bring Exponential conference over here.

Left to yourself, or surrounded by scarcity thinking, it’s hard to fly. But when you get alongside leaders who believe the best days of the church are ahead of us and see them popping and reproduction of disciples, churches, networks & movements taking place: watch out, stand back – there’s going to be a bang!