As part of Ivy’s ‘Year of Equipping’ we have booked selected world class leaders to lift the lid on our leadership and help us all go to the next level.

If you were to give yourself a score 1 to 10 in terms of how you lead, how well you steward your God-given influence, what score would you give yourself?

If you’re brave enough you could ask those you lead to rate you!

We aim through these ‘Equipped To Lead’ events to help those who lead at Ivy go from where they are now, to where God intends them to be.

My friend Nick Klinkenberg visited this week to bring a wealth of experience having pastored various churches in New Zealand as well as coaching and planting across Europe.

This really is a great talk and Nick’s passion for leadership that makes a difference and love for people just shines through!

Make some notes on how to ‘LEAD BY VISION.’