Why And How Church Must Change For ‘Goodness’ Sake: Part 1 of my Future Church podcast with guest Keri Ladoceur

This is Part 1 of my conversation with Keri Ladouceur, who leads Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois. She’s founder and lead coach at New Ground Network and I am so excited (as you will be once you hear this) as one of our speakers at this years’ LAUNCH here in Manchester in October.

We went FAR and WIDE and DEEP here! That’s why we have split the good stuff up into TWO portions so make sure you subscribe because you will NOT want to miss part two.

The conversation touched on so many incredible points right from the coalface rather than just theory about what it means to establish ‘goodness cultures‘ – check A Church Called Tov’ for that idea – a great book in which Keri actually features because of her time on staff at Willow Creek CC – ie the root question which we will look at this year at LAUNCH – ‘What’s worth multiplying? ‘

We openly dig into abuses of power, the need to balance persuasive arguments for people but also create safe spaces for people to wrestle with their faith and contend with their own questions and meet with the Holy Spirit as they enter and grow in their relationship with Jesus. At times it’s pretty raw and vulnerable and I salute Keri for her courage and candour.

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