Teaching / Summary from Pete Scazzero – Emotionally Healthy Discipleship. Highly recommended book!

The church is meant to be a gift to the world – growing organically, from the bottom up, multiplying – needs a shift! 

We can’t give what we do not possess.

Who we are is way more important that what we do. 

Leadership development = high level discipleship. 

Like many he grew as a Christian with various of the ‘standard’ spiritual practices in place, had a productive ministry. 

People were changing there, good stuff was happening – but not very deeply. Short term change not transformation, and lots of dysfunction. A shallow discipleship 

Not just in the church 

In him. 

Sundays were fantastic, the rest of the week terrible! 

Became very bitter following a church split, his marriage was distant. His wife left the church and went to another one. 

God met him and Geri in a profound way – through counselling and therapy. Realised he was an emotional infant, leading a church. Knew that was linked to his spiritual health. Since then has focused on how do we help people become deeply changed healthy disciples? How do we create that healthy culture?

7 Marks of Health:

BE before we do. 

Have a being with Jesus sufficient to lead from an overflowing cup. We make time, leave the world to get to God. He flows through me. Monitor that every day, week, quarter. Am I abiding in Him? The Mary/Martha balance. 

FOLLOW the Crucified not the Westernised Jesus 

Jesus drove out of the disciples the way of success defined by our own greatness into suffering and service. Success = being who God called me to be and doing what he called me to do, his way, in his time. 

EMBRACE God’s gift of Limits. 

God sets limits to humble and protect us and receive it. Don’t just push through. Set boundaries in line with God’s limits.

DISCOVER the treasures buried in Grief and Loss. 

2/3 of the Psalms are laments. Jesus was a man of sorrows. David commanded his men to grieve Saul and Jonathan, don’t just power through. Learn to feel, to wait, to be changed from our false self. 

Make LOVE the measure of Maturity. 

Scripture measures love the measure (1 Cor 13) and the greatest commandment. Jesus said get reconciled before you worship. God will wait! He desires mercy not sacrifice. How well do I love my enemies? That’s being like Jesus. Martin Buber – see and treat the other as a ‘thou’ not a ‘you.’ 

BREAK the power of the Past. 

The sinful bonds of the past family/ generations, as we come into the new family of God. Go back, to go forward in Christ and under his lordship. What’s holding us back? Come out of Egypt – into the promises. This applies to how we see work, money, family, loyalties, life! 


LEAD out of weakness and vulnerability. 

Jesus struggled in the garden. Cries out from the cross. Is that the Messiah we wanted? Can we reveal our struggles? Paul said I could boast of my revelations – but I will boast in my sufferings so the power of Christ remains on me. 

So our invitation is to – 

RELAX in Jesus (Jn 6:28.29). Let him hold you in the storm.

DETACH for Jesus – Lose your life, let go, to take hold of him. “Let it be to me according to your word.” Live palms open! 

LISTEN to Jesus – Jn 17. Peter is busy making plans to get things done. God says, ‘Listen to him!’ 

Your biggest job in the church, is you. 

People are not transformed by us speaking for Jesus what we don’t live for Jesus. 

Take the assessment on this!