New Future Church Podcast with Dr James Emery White – How To Burn Bright Without Burning Out

Photo by Victoria Stargel

I’m so excited that we will soon have the opportunity to hear from one of my favourite thinker/ practitioners with regard to church and leadership and how we intersect and interact with culture; Dr James Emery White, founder and Senior Pastor of Mecklenburg Church, a ministry which has tens of thousands of active engagers.

Author of more than 20 cutting edge books, Jim has always pioneered ways for the church and gospel to meet people where they are at and knock down any barriers that people may have to connecting to Christ. That includes buildings and I have been blown away by their Online Campus which forms disciples and community from all over the world. The Meck Institute is also an incredibly rich online resource I encourage you to check out.

I agree with Lee Strobel who says Jim’s latest book Christianity For People Who Aren’t Christians is a “no-nonsense, practical, and insightful guide that will help all those on a quest for spiritual truth” and definitely one of my stand out books of recent times.

He has become a friend over the years and a top rated keynote speaker at LAUNCH twice before so I can’t wait to pick his polymathic brain again 3rd and 4th October in Manchester.

My recent interview with Jim on my Future Church Podcast was so rich, wide ranging and prescient as we discussed subjects including but not limited to Quiet Quitting in Church, Yoga, CS Lewis and great literature, and much more I know you’ll love listening to it.

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