‘Ministry In The Blood And The Mud.’ Patrick O’Connell, NewThing Global Director on the Future Church Podcast.

My friend Patrick O’Connell is the Global Director of NewThing, the network which I and Ivy Church are privileged to be part of, which exists to partner with movement makers and catalyse reproducing disciples, leaders, churches, networks, and movements. 

Here he tells the story of how he came to faith, having met his wife in a punk rock mosh pit, joined the army, he went into business and while finally successful in worldly terms when he finally after 4 years accepted an invitation to go to church and everything changed! 

He went from church goer to church planter, now serving thousands of church leaders and planters worldwide through NewThing’s dream – to see a church planted in every community around the world.

We discuss, among other things – 

How might we help connect people far from God so they don’t just learn to cope, but receive hope. 

What army life taught him about teams and sacrifice, and how that applies to the army of God and ministry ‘in the blood and the mud.’ 

How do we collaborate and form networks that are all about the Kingdom not our own castles? 

The 4 Rs of NewThing 


Doing this alone is next to impossible, so we have intentional rhythms for being friends on mission together.


From disciples to leaders, churches to networks, creating and catalysing reproducing movements is at the centre of everything we do at NewThing. 


This is what NewThing churches call our commitment to train and invest in the next generation of church planters, creating apprenticing pipelines for future church planting.


Networks pool their people, pennies, and platform to plant church planting churches together.

Come along to launchcatalyst.org and connect in person with NewThing so you’re not isolated and frustrated but encouraged and celebrated for all you’re doing for the Kingdom! 

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