We Don’t Need Another Welsh Revival, We Need To Change The Church. Julian Richards. New Podcast Episode on Future Church.


I met Julian Richards at a wedding recently, and as we chatted immediately he felt like ‘a brother from the same Father…’! 

He’s the National Leader for New Wine Cymru (that means Wales in case anyone wonders), working together with over 700 other churches to collectively and collaboratively grow to help leaders develop healthy churches to win the nation. 

With his wife Sarah he leads Cornerstone, a high impact church  they founded in 1991 Swansea with a handful of young people in one of the most deprived areas of the city.

Today this thriving church is known across Wales for its community work, people finding Christ regularly and many physical healings. In 2014 they opened Venue2, a former supermarket, as a second Cornerstone site, which is where I met him.

Julian co-founded Gweini (meaning ‘to serve’ in Welsh), representing Christian, faith-based community work to the Welsh Assembly Government and wider society.  

He tells the story as we meet of how from very small beginnings but a commitment to missional growth and effectiveness, many other churches and ministries have been birthed, leaders equipped and local communities  transformed through the power of Christ and his kingdom.

This is a story of miraculous provision and remarkable spiritual openness in our culture that they are seeing more than ever (3700 people prayed to receive Christ in 9 days), but Julian is convinced the answer for Wales (and everywhere else) is NOT for ‘another Welsh Revival’ dropped down from above, but by disciples faithfully serving, loving and winning their neighbours and nation for Christ. 

Join us on the podcast as we discuss; 

How what you learn as a skint church planter can set you up for a life of faith and impact rather than having it all set up in advance. 

What Bible college never taught you about faith. 

The difference between optimism and faith. 

Why we need courage as well as faith! 

Why we need to change our model of mission and ministry. 

New Wine Cymru – how it’s similar and different to New Wine in England and elsewhere, as a non government collaborative model for effective mission. 

Connect with Julian – https://newwinecymru.co.uk/about/whos-who

Or via: 


Julian is going to join us at https://www.launchcatalyst.org and it’s not too late for you and your friends and team to book in and join us too whether in the North or the South of England.