To help you SEE what Easter is all about

I just came back from church where we saw a group of men, many of whom have served time in prison and coming from the most broken backgrounds being baptised. I was so excited as I heard their stories and then we were privileged to see them take that step, that sign of a whole new life. One of them (Michael) read my book Rough Diamonds when he was in prison for 17 years and had asked me to go in the water with him. What a privilege and what better day to celebrate new life in Jesus than Easter Day? Then I came home and my grandson wanted the TV on, and a movie is on about the Easter Bunny, who apparently goes all around the world today making everyone happy in a single day. Wow, never heard that one before! I’m not upset that a bunny tries to compete with Jesus, but when he’s stealing Santa’s job – that’s crossing a line! How do we see and make sense of what Easter is really about? Here are some […]

That Jew Died For You (Video)

The link to this site was sent to me by a friend who’s involved with Jews For Jesus. Having been to Auschwitz twice, I found it compelling. Tomorrow is Good Friday. In the face of tragedy or pain people often ask the question or level the charge ‘Where was God when…’ When I speak at our service on ‘Measuring the love of God – how long and wide and high and deep,’ my focus throughout this Easter weekend is to remember, whatever we go through – our God is right there, the suffering servant and the risen Lord.

What day is it?

Years ago I took a large cross out on the day before Easter and preached out in the street. Some people became Christians that day, including a young gypsy guy who’d been driving past in a van – he later admitted he was off to do something illegal – he saw a man with a cross, stopped to listen to the message, and when I approached him he said, “Yeah – you got me.” Within minutes he gave his life to the Lord of the cross. Oh happy day 🙂 That same day, I was approached by a furious woman, who told me in no uncertain terms that this was ‘the wrong day to do this.’ It would have been okay to carry a cross in some solemn religious procession on Good Friday, but didn’t I know this was Easter Saturday – the wrong day! Well, today is in fact Holy Saturday so she was doubly wrong, because it is also the day of salvation! A couple of years ago I received an irate letter from a local person here […]