What A Great Question!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the farthest you have ever felt from God, 10 being the closest you have ever felt to God) what number would you give to how close you feel to God today? Why? Kevin M. Watson. The Class Meeting (Kindle Locations 333-334). Kevin calls this The Transformation Question and suggests we should ask it of each other in small groups so that we are not just meeting for affinity or information, but transformation. I LOVE IT! I’m going to use it. How about you? What do you think? AND if you have time… what number do you give yourself today – why?  This is Quickblog. I read a lot and make a lot of notes, and through quickblogs I hope to share some of my pondering more regularly.

Containers for living water

Ivy Grow Group notes I’m going to be talking this Sunday about church (surprising eh?) Specifically I want to focus on membership Being apart OF not apart FROM the Body. Read 1 Cor 12, then pray together What parts of the passage are hardest to understand? What parts go against how we naturally think and live? Let’s think a bit further on this: The gospel is like ‘LIVING WATER.’ (where does that phrase come from? Find out and read around it). What does water do? It fills any receptacle – without retaining the form of any. The container isn’t what’s impt. The CONTENT stays the same, the CONTAINERS change. We are individually containers, and we meet together in containers. List what containers Ivy presently meets in that you know of. Pray for the new outreach starting soon- Ivy Sharston – and the team led by Matty Hawthorne getting it going. Are you called to help with this on Sunday afternoons? Contact the office! The body looks like it does because of its DNA – that’s what makes us what we […]