Be Like A Baby This New Year (They Like Changes!)


As we just said goodbye to the old year and welcomed a new baby called 2016 I’m reminded of the saying that the difference between most of us and babies is that babies (especially in nappies) like changes!

Someone said to me recently they think 2016 will be a bad year. Most of what we could worry about you can either pray about or do nothing about, so in the meantime rather than worry about what you can’t change, or change what you can – you!

Like that baby who just entered the world, a new year presents another chance to grow, to develop, to learn. How do you feel as you look toward 2016?

Will next year be better? (You can’t control that)

Will you be a better version of you? (You have a lot of control there)

If you’re a Christ follower you don’t have to become ‘a new you’ like all the papers promise in the fashion or diet features. You are already a new creation! You just have to become more like you have already been remade to be.

Growing older does not necessarily mean growing. What holds us back is that sometimes adult children of God can think we’ve grown enough and make all kinds of excuses for staying as we are or even going backward.

In 2015 – did you take some steps of faith – or just stand still and wait for God to move?

Have you become complacent? Did you reach a level and think, “I like this plateau- the view from here’s fine.” Did someone discourage you and say it can’t be done? Did you believe them – or God? Do you keep looking back – instead of forward? Do you keep looking down instead of up?

About this time of year I find myself asking myself questions like;

How much have you really grown recently?

Have you let God stretch you?

Did you make it easy for him? Have you co-operated or resisted?

Have you grown in generosity? In purity? In keeping promises? In faith?

Have you grown in speaking positively and encouraging people?

Are you more of a servant to others?

Did you set any goals and achieve them in these and other areas – or just growing the church?  

Would those who know you best measure you higher in these areas – or did you shrink?

Most of the answers leave me grateful I have another year to receive God’s grace to help me grow again!