Following The Apostle Paul’s Pathway: Josh Howard

Where are we starting? Look where I am. 

Where are we called to go? What’s the pathway? That gets you through discipleship to multiplying movements. 

Too many times we have a pathway that’s a dead end.  

Look at Pauls’ missionary journeys. 

We examined Acts 13 and 14. As you do this, ask 

Where did he go?

How long did he stay?

Abiding and praying?

Going to the lost?

Making disciples

Forming Churches 

Developing leaders 

You see a pattern, and it’s there in the other missionary journeys too. 

That as we went from place to place, he prayed and connected with Jesus (and by the way this same pathway is the way Jesus went). Many leaders need to learn to stick at prayer longer, we might binge and starve in prayer – he was consistent. 

He then found lost people – he went out to reach them. Intentionally and boldly. 

‘If we are not bringing people to Jesus and making little Christs then all the clergy and cathedrals are a waste.’ (CS Lewis)

Paul drew people out of lostness and discipled them. 

Then he trained them. In homes or larger arenas. 

Then he sent them out. 

‘If you want to see the power of God, go to where the gospel has never been preached and you will see miracles there.’ Bonnke. 

In India they use the FOUR FIELDS model. 

He moves in. 

Shares the simple gospel (and often his testimony )

Sees conversions and trains disciples form those who say yes,

Building simple reproducing churches from them


Do we have a plan to enter new places, to reach new demographics, social circles? 

Do our people know how to share the gospel simply? 

And how to help those who say yes to grow? 

And does it/ can it multiply generationally? 

Why then don’t we see here what is seen in India? 

They pray and fast more and longer 

They share the gospel way more. 

And the populations are higher too! 

Your harvest is in direct proportion to the amount of seed you sow. Farming principle!