COLLABORATION – How the Great Commission Can Be Accomplished By The Greatest Commandment. MATT MILLAR

Notes from NewThing Reproducing Movements Catalyst at Ivy Church. Matt leads NewThing across Africa

Genesis 11:6 

If as one people speaking the same language, nothing will be impossible for them. 

These people had so many things in common. Very simple. One language, one purpose. 

But it was their own purpose – they wanted to be famous and safe. 

What if we redeemed that? 

To be united, collaborative. 

Ephesians 1:4 Look at all the alls here. And all the ones! 

So many things connect us to the one Father. 

Nothing should be able to separate us! 

These days we can get together easily – language barriers disappearing. 

Do we actually believe we have ONE mission? 

We act as if there are many missions. 

It’s okay to have different mandates. 

That’s building our own kingdoms. Or trying to win on our won. 

We have various resources. All that God has distributed. But our individualism makes us want to achieve by ourselves what we can never do alone. We have the lone hero mentality. Though that’s a fallacy anyway. 

Individuals can do amazing things

But collaboration and unity is the only way to see what God can do. 

We have one Father, and his will is done together. 

Psalm 133. 

The Lord bestows his blessings in unity

It’s beautiful 

And pleasant

And blessed! 

Illustrations –


Geese can go 70% further in V formation

Go slower, but faster and further. 


One can pull 4 tonnes 

Two together can pull 16 tonnes!


There are many colours coming from a bulb – diffused. 

But a LASER is focused in one direction and wavelength. You can operate with that. 

The Church often operates in a way that is focused in many things. Without an agreed aim. 

True maturity = interdependence. Not independence. The eye cannot say I don’t need you! There are many parts, but one body. Many organs working together, because they need each other. The only cell that does not give and receive is cancer. It just takes until it takes enough to kill the host. 

Are we just giving, or giving and taking? 

Unequal relationships come when we recognise that I have something to learn and some way to bless you. 

How many partnerships do you have with other churches?

NETWORK = 4 to 6 local churches, aligning themselves together for collaboration. 

Networks decrease resistance, like the point of the V for the geese – keeps on changing, we draft with one another and glide as a single wing. ‘You can go fast alone or far together.’

Networks increase influence; because we get and build momentum together. We are greater than the sum of our parts. 

All too often, we are sitting with clenched fists and holding on, all we can do is fight

With open hands, all we will do is share. 

When nobody is tight-fisted the kingdom can flourish. 


Great Commission Mt 28 and 

Great Commandment (LOVE) Mk 12:30f

And Great Collaboration – Unity – John 17:20-23 

And that may mean partnering with some (we speak the same language etc), but respecting everyone.

APEST only works all together. Like a spear head. 

Apostle = tip of the spear, cuts through. 

Prophet and Evangelist opens up 

Shepherd and teacher get you in deep so you don’t get pulled out.