The Why, Who & How of sharing Jesus

Teaching from Steve and Michelle Addison from their Follow and Fish Seminar at Ivy Church Manchester


WHY should we share about Jesus?


COIN: Look at it – it has two sides.

There is the Sovereign on one side. The coin is indivisible.

Mark 1:17 tells us there’s a command and a promise to every disciple. Follow and Fish. You can’t separate them. You can’t be a follower who doesn’t fish. Has the penny dropped?

There are simple ways to connect to people far from God, do that, give them a challenge and disciple them.


WHO should we share with?

Start with your relational world. People you know.

You can draw a map of your relationships, this is very practical -put your name in the middle, circle it.

Think of people you’re connected with in your FAMILY. Put their names and connection points down.


Gym class?

We want to work with God – ask him who he is already at work with.

Pray for about 5 of them for 5 minutes a day – every day, for opportunity to share with them.

Asterix them.

When will you pray for them? Make a note of that. Put the list where you will see it!

Pray that…


2) Reveal Yourself

3) Give me and others opportunities for them to hear your word.

Regularly review your list as you see God at work. Be on the look out for what He is doing. He IS at work, in my family, friends and community.

In your Grow Groups, get these sheets out and pray regularly through.

When someone comes to faith, as them – who else needs to know? ‘Go home and tell everyone what God has done and how he has had mercy on you.’

HOW do we share?

Maybe you already have a way to share the gospel– the Bridge etc. Great.

How about using the Three Circles?

Because this isn’t just something you can share. It’s something they can pass on too, so they can share it.

Watch the Three Circle method here

Remember we are not there to win an argument – but to help a seeker, someone who is asking questions.

(How about this one by my friend Russell Minick – Crown Heart World )

Learn these, share them – see what happens!

Tell Your Story

Break it into




Think of a word that can summarise this journey for you.


BC – Empty (nothing I tried filled that)

JC – Love (I met these people full of love, who shared that with me… then I prayed myself)

AD – Adventure! (Now I’m full of that love, my life is so full!)