Don’t Drop Your Sword In The Fight.

The word of God is our only weapon against such attacks. Human strategies, philosophies and arguments are a vain hope – useless to push back the darkness. But hell trembles when we open our mouths and declare, “It is written.”
Is that too simple? Do we want to fight him on his own terms?
The Lord Jesus Christ did not do so.

How Do You Find Your Spiritual Gifts And Place In God’s Purposes (And If You’re A Leader How Do You Help Others Do So)?

You are unique and unreproducible.  God made the universe in such a manner that even if you’re a twin no one looks exactly like you, thinks your thoughts, or feels your feelings.  There is no other person in the world equipped and gifted like you, with your track record of faith through life’s ups and downs, sharing your particular passions and if you are a Christian, nobody else has your uniquely designed pattern of spiritual gifts.  There are tests you can take to try to get an idea of what they are, and some of them may even be helpful to give you some idea of whether you’re more of an apostle or evangelist or teacher, but I have found that discovering our place in the Body or our spiritual gifts is not something we do alone by going online to take that kind of test, like a true-or-false quiz or Myers Briggs.  So how do we work that out then?  First of all it requires us to recognise that it’s not about me – it’s about Jesus.  Jesus moves in this […]

New Future Church Podcast with Dr James Emery White – How To Burn Bright Without Burning Out

I think you’ll love listening to this wide ranging and prescient interviews as we discussed subjects including but not limited to Quiet Quitting in Church, Yoga, CS Lewis and what makes great literature!

Why And How Church Must Change For ‘Goodness’ Sake: Part 1 of my Future Church podcast with guest Keri Ladoceur

“We just kept circling back to the kinds of fruit that we’re hoping to see in the lives of people and in our kind of church body and because of that, in our community and in our world,

And so we really kind of shifted the game and said, well then instead of focusing on, “Here’s our big church vision that we want you to get in line and get on board with and help us build, we really kind of turn the table and said we want to come alongside people and help them figure out what they’re kind of discipleship path our discipleship plan looks like, and that’s what we’re going to put our energies as a staff and as leaders – asking “What does discipleship look like for you?’” and we wanna walk with people and help them really establish what are the tools and resources we can provide as a church to help people on their journey so ultimately we’re putting spiritual growth back in the hands of people and saying we want to walk alongside of them and help them with that…’