What Does Levelling Up Really Mean (And What Part Might The Church Play?). Andy Haldane, CEO of FRSA

Andy Haldane RSA

How different would the UK be if we ‘levelled up?’ (Remember this is not taking from London and giving to Liverpool). We are aiming to grow the pie, not re-slice it, ‘So nobody’s destiny is defined by their geography.’

GROWING – How different people change us into different people. Brad Jersak at Ivy Church Didsbury @bradjersak #Bgbg2

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What if you don’t make particular people your target group for your church- but make the Trinity your target group, then God will come, and bring His friends.

What would YOU save in a hurricane?

we went to a house smaller than my garage, well -a mud hut with a tin roof – where a man and his wife lived with six daughters, two sponsored. His job was to go to the well and get water which he hoped to sell through the day. Furniture? One chair.
I asked whether they knew who their sponsors were.