New Future Church Podcast with Dr James Emery White – How To Burn Bright Without Burning Out

I think you’ll love listening to this wide ranging and prescient interviews as we discussed subjects including but not limited to Quiet Quitting in Church, Yoga, CS Lewis and what makes great literature!

Why And How Church Must Change For ‘Goodness’ Sake: Part 1 of my Future Church podcast with guest Keri Ladoceur

“We just kept circling back to the kinds of fruit that we’re hoping to see in the lives of people and in our kind of church body and because of that, in our community and in our world,

And so we really kind of shifted the game and said, well then instead of focusing on, “Here’s our big church vision that we want you to get in line and get on board with and help us build, we really kind of turn the table and said we want to come alongside people and help them figure out what they’re kind of discipleship path our discipleship plan looks like, and that’s what we’re going to put our energies as a staff and as leaders – asking “What does discipleship look like for you?’” and we wanna walk with people and help them really establish what are the tools and resources we can provide as a church to help people on their journey so ultimately we’re putting spiritual growth back in the hands of people and saying we want to walk alongside of them and help them with that…’


I spent some time with my friend from NewThing Josh Howard as he helped a small group of us think about movements of disciple making and church planting.  Josh (who will be with us again at this year’s LAUNCH event in October) shared with us that in their work across South East Asia they radically changed their approach 8 years ago toward intentionally discipling people who would then go and make more disciples they call it “Train the saved, save the lost.” And it’s simple but can be disheartening because it’s not all up and to the right – it’s usually more like a J curve, you see some subtraction – and you don’t see the big crowds now. It seems nothing much is happening because multiplication is slow at the start, one person reaching out and reproducing Jesus at a time. But when you get doubling disciples every six months or so look out – you start to see something amazing.   So in the First Quarter of 22 across the nations they are operating in, it’s starting to go exponential.  In […]


“The number one thing that a church leader needs to do is to wake the sleeping giant that is the church. Because I think there’s so much of what the church is that just sits idle because maybe you can’t play an instrument or maybe you’re not on the preaching rota and maybe you don’t have the time that you can commit to being at something on a regular basis..But there are people within your church context or if you’re a church leader within your church context, who perhaps are in significant positions of authority within businesses that can ask the right questions or maybe just maybe one of them themselves could make a massive impact.. mobilise the church..”